Wiltshire Police Divisional HQ

For the Melksham Divisional HQ we developed, through a series of interviews with department heads, a shared understanding of their operational requirements and how the buildings and organization could adapt. We researched and developed with specialist manufacturers and suppliers furniture, fixtures, fittings and equipment appropriate to each part of the organization in accordance with Home Office design guidance where appropriate.
The custody area for example was carefully designed to avoid potential ligature points, furniture is robust and fixed. Lighting, temperature and ventilation were carefully considered to provide simple, robust, controls appropriate to each part of the Headquarters.
In the initial stages of the design we identified the core accommodation requirements and assessed the level of security risk to each operation. We adopted a defensive design that locates high and special risk functions away from public access, to provide a secure building that maintains operational integrity at critical times.
Confidentiality and security are integrated with the need for public access and scrutiny. The building allows flexibility and future expansion.