Why use an architect?
Most of our clients have never used an Architect before and are understandably unsure what Architects actually do and why they would use one! The stereotypical image of someone leaning over a drawing board, drafting building plans may come to mind. We abandoned drawing boards some years ago, but offer a comprehensive range of creative and project management services to help our clients achieve their goal, be it a self-builder or regional Police Authority.

We offer bespoke services to assist with your project, and often work with clients on very new types of service, such as exploring the options for hydro electricity schemes. Our computer aided drafting package, ArchiCAD, is used extensively both to explore how a building sits in its landscape or townscape and also to fine-tune the design. These building models are often used in planning negotiations or just to help to create the correct brief for a project.

We offer full architectural design services as a chartered practice, but we can provide just part of this full service and often work on an hourly basis on domestic projects.

Feasibility Studies explore the viability of a project. Often used to assist in setting an accurate brief, they can also test finances, planning & site capacity.

Planning issues are often complex and time consuming. We have a track record in tenacity & negotiations and can assist with planning studies & liaison.

Your project may need to be presented to a local authority or neighbourhood group through exhibition or consultation. We have extensive experience in consultations and can help you through the process.

Visualisations of a project can include immersive 3D visualisation with headsets, realistic photo montages, sketch perspectives or video fly-throughs. We are able to use a variety of techniques to bring your project to life in three dimensions.