Feasibility Studies

At the start of a project the best development route for a site is often unclear. We help clients clarify their brief, business plan and help optimise land use through a variety of sequential studies:

Feasibility Study: Develop ideas with the client group to explore methods and opportunities for achieving the project goals, helping to clarify the strategic brief and suggest a successful project path. The The study can include estimates that can be used for raising project funds. Reports provide valuable background data to inform initial discussions with the local Planning Authority.

Capacity Study: A key process in determining how to use a site efficiently, we review site data and explore relevant environmental, planning and geometric site constraints such as access, topography, ecology, geology and history. These constraints and opportunities inform the optimum capacity and configuration of potential uses.

Option appraisal: Once an optimum capacity is defined a number of different configuration options are explored and evaluated against a set of agreed criteria, leading to the selection of the preferred option.