Project costs & fees

How much will it cost?
Building and design projects vary widely in their complexity and scale. In all but the most straightforward of projects, It is not possible at the outset to accurately predict the input necessary from an Architect. We tailor our fee proposal to each project. The following information is for guidance only, if you would like to get a better idea of likely costs and fees please get in touch to discuss your project.

Guide to Domestic Project Costs

Overall Project Costs: Building costs are largely dependent on the size, shape and simplicity/ complexity of the building, and any restrictions on the construction, site accessibility and working space, materials and timing. A 'contract sum' agreed with a builder might be within a range of £1,500- £2,000 per square metre as an indicative national range for domestic build projects. Regions in the UK will vary significantly depending on local labour rates and access issues.
A rough total project budget should include the following, assuming a domestic extension £100,000 contract sum:

Cost of Land..................excluded
Contract sum ...............£100,000
VAT ................................£20,000 (20%)
Topographic survey......£ 2,000 (estimate)
Design + statutory fees..£15-20,000 (15-20%)
Project Budget Total ...£150,000 ( £137k+10% contingency)

(VAT is currently applicable to work on existing houses not new build)

Architect Fees: For a standard domestic project we provide services on an ad-hoc basis. You can select the services you wish at each stage of the project. Architectural services are charged on a time basis at £85/hr per person. We do not currently charge VAT for Architectural services. A normal total architectural fee would be within 12-15% of the nominal construction cost, depending on the complexity and scale of a domestic project. This breaks down roughly at each Project stage say, for a notional 12% fee for project above:
RIBA stage 1-3 up to planning application ..........⅓ fee (£4,000)
RIBA stage 4 technical design up to contract.......⅓ fee (£4,000)
RIBA stage 5-6 contract administration ...............⅓ fee (£4,000)

This is an outline guide only, each project is unique. Please call to discuss costs and fees with us.